Brand Overview

The SKY DANCERS brand has sold over 30 million dolls generating over $350 million in worldwide retail sales since its first introduction. On its initial release SKY DANCERS became the #1 doll in over 20 countries around the globe.

SKY DANCERS has generated over $100M in additional sales of merchandising and ancillary sales with over 75 Licensees and over 100 official SKY DANCERS products distributed in 15 countries.

In its first year of introduction, SKY DANCERS outsold Barbie, rocketing to #1 on Toy Book’s WHAT’S HOT list.

Since its first release, two subsequent launches of SKY DANCERS through Trendmasters and Play Along, Inc. have continued to cultivate the SKY DANCERS brand, captivating two new  generations of girls with the world’s first and only “flying/dancing” doll.

Play Along’s re-launch of the brand in 2007 sold over 6 million new SKY DANCERS dolls worldwide.

5 million DVD’s of the original SKY DANCERS series, and over 1 million videos, have been shipped to date showcasing the magical world of SKY DANCERS universal characters and stories of magic, music and dance to girls around the world.
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