AGE is a New York based concept development group incorporated in 1986 specializing in creating and producing youth consumer products and family brand entertainment with sustainable value.  The company founded by John Gentile, Anthony Gentile and Marty Abrams encompasses a broad spectrum of original IP that include toy and entertainment, creations and development, television development and production, toy manufacturing, licensing and technology development.

The trio of partners have created such ground-breaking brands as SKY DANCERS®, the Nintendo POWER GLOVE®, SHINING STARS®, DRAGONFLYZ®, MICRONAUTS®, KINDER-GARDEN BABIES®, HAPPY NESS®, VAN-PIRES® and many others.  Along with developing the original toys and related merchandising selling over $1 Billon dollars at retail, AGE also served as creator and executive producer on the animated series, VAN-PIRES®, DRAGON FLYZ®, SKY DANCERS®, VISIONARIES®, HAPPY NESS®, JELLY BEAN JUNGLE® and BUCKY O’HARE®.  Marty Abrams, one of the “forefathers” of toys and licensing, was formally the president of Mego, Inc. creating a vast array of toy lines from BATMAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK and DICK TRACY to the licensing sensations based upon the STAR TREK and PLANET OF THE APES films to Mego’s own highly successful MICRONAUTS. 

John and Anthony expanded the company’s profile by producing, writing and directing more than 150 hours of
family entertainment for television including creating and producing the company's first primetime sit-com, entitled
DIRESTA, for UPN as well as THE RUMFORDS®, one of the first live-action and CGI animated series for primetime
for PAX TV.  John, along with his brother, Anthony, as leading film designers, have also spearheaded the design
and marketing of such award-winning films as STAR WARS, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, GREASE and CARRIE
and Broadway hits such as DREAMGIRLS and The WIZ.