Brand Overview

They're on Red Alert!  Ready to swing into battle action at a moment's notice! From all corners of the world, they'll march at your command, to protect you from the enemy and fight for truth, justice and a better way of life! There are 7 rough'n ready squads, each man a lean, mean, fighting machine!

THE MEN OF MEDAL are battle specialists with the best technology. You can be one of the Men of Medal too! Just clip on the badge to your pocket, and you're ready to fight for freedom! Created by GEG and produced by Mattel, MEN OF MEDAL were die-cast metal action figures that came with a matching child-scale badge that would clip onto your belt to carry them with you.  

Each figure came with two weapons and a backpack that would also clip to the badge for storage and transport.The fourteen hero figures included two members from the Marine Strike Team, Army Forces, Navel Forces, Air Force Commandos, Fire Forces, S.W.A.T. Team and Coast Guard.Just look for the kernel that's not like the rest.